an ancient philosopher selecting such doctrines as pleased him in every school ; Borrowing freely from various sources, not exclusive in opinion, taste, etc." - oxford concise dictionary.

The beginnings of the Eclectic Philosophy can be dated to 125-68. It is derived from the word eklektikos, literally meaning “choosing the best” or eklektos meaning “picked out, selected”.

Eclectic Wines was formed in 2008 by Paul Stuart after a career of over 30 years working in various management roles in the Australian and International Wine industries. 

Many wine practices had been taken from the old world including viticultural and wine making procedures. The grape varieties on which the current day wines are based owe their heritage to European wine growing regions. At the same time we embraced new world science from countries such as the United States of America. 

In typical Australian fashion and unhindered by centuries of entrenched practices, Australian wine makers experimented and innovated grape vines with climates, soils and techniques to make their own unique wine styles. This 'eclectic' approach is what we have embraced in our own wines.

Our motto “European inspired –Australian perfected, pays homage to our background as well as recognition that Australian wines have crafted their own unique place in the world of wine. In the eclectic tradition we too have borrowed ideas freely to create our special range of wines.

Eclectic wines are based in the oldest wine growing region of Australia, The Hunter Valley. We have a small range of wines for tasting and sale at our own cellars. Paul Stuart also assists other wine companies through his consultancy work, specifically in sales and marketing strategies.


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